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October 19, 2021: Say Hello To Rachel Merrill - Staff Editor!


Salut! My name is Rachel, and I'm a new Staff Editor for SJ Games. I mostly do copyediting and proofreading; that is, I correct texts for spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as well as consistency, clarity, coherence, and conscientiousness. All hail the mighty Oxford comma! On occasion I do developmental editing as well, helping to shape the entire text into the author's intended vision; it all depends on the demands of the individual project and needs of the author.
When I'm not wielding my metaphorical red quill, I'm playing one of the many tabletop RPGs I've collected in my 20+ years of gaming; reading my vast library of Tolkien, Gothic, and mannerpunk novels; and spoiling the little jerk on my shoulder. His name's Harry and he loves lasagna and attention, not in that order. I also have a hamster and a husband; both are nocturnal and very cute.

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