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October 5, 2009: The Best Robots Are Big Robots


It's true. Really, the only robots worth your time are the ones you can climb inside and drive around. Which . . . come to think of it, may mean they're not technically "robots," what with the human pilot and all. Bah! Details, details! Point is, freakin' big humanoid machines are pretty cool.

By extension, GURPS Classic: Mecha must be fairly cool, too. It's all about those heavy metal wonders from the Land of the Rising Sun. Bits of it discuss how to make the 'bots. Other bits tell you how to drive 'em around. Still more bits go into the genre itself, including a full write up for a setting called Cybermech Damocles by famed GURPS Dude David Pulver. It's pretty heavily reliant on the old 3rd edition rules, but all that setting stuff is quite handy regardless of game system.

Saaaaay . . . Pulver and giant robots? Now you're cookin' with super-heated plasma beams!

-- Fox Barrett

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