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October 10, 2009: Hello, Bostimore!

I'm on my way to Boston (for both work and pleasure). I'll spend time going over upcoming games with one of our printers -- we have a couple of games that require special components and it's going to be easier to "show and tell" than it will be to trade hours of phone calls -- and then I'll hit a few game stores. (Do you know of any good stores in the Boston area?) I'll then spend a couple of days relaxing in the Boston area, hitting the local toy stores and hanging out with the guys over at Onell Design (the exact same guys who helped us with the Frag Flash game). The last time I was in Boston was 2003, so I'm looking forward to visiting the city again. Plus, the weather is going to be beautiful.

After I get good and relaxed it will be time to head to Baltimore where I'll hook up with Will for a trip to the Diamond Retailer Summit. This is our chance to meet with retailers, show off some of our upcoming releases (like Nanuk, Munchkin Fairy Dust, and Chez Goth), and even play a game or two.

This job sometimes involves a lot of travel, but I love getting the chance to see different cities so I don't mind living out of a suitcase for a week.

-- Phil Reed

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