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October 13, 2009: Up, Up, and (Way, Way, Way) Away

GURPS Spaceships 5

I'm starting to get the sneaking suspicion that David Pulver really likes sci-fi. I can't point to any one thing, of course, but this nagging feeling is there. There's just something about the fact that he's now written five books in the GURPS Spaceships line that makes me think I'm right.

Speaking of five spaceship books, GURPS Spaceships 5: Exploration and Colony Ships is now available for purchase on e23! (In fact, it's been available for a couple days by the time you read this, but my statement still holds.) This time around, the Pulverizer treats us to a treatise on ships designed to boldly go where no man has gone before. It also includes some rules on what to do out there in the final frontier: geological surveys, talking to new aliens, dealing with radiation, upsetting new aliens, colonizing planets, running away from all those aliens you offended with your vulgar human form, that kind of thing.

So pack a bag, for the stars themselves await you! And do try to remember that, funny though it may be, "take me to your leader" is never the best way to start a conversation with a flesh-eating alien killing machine.

-- Fox Barrett

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