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October 8, 2009: Real Munchkins Wear Pink

Munchkin Fairy Dust T-Shirt

At GenCon, one question we were surprised to receive was, "Where can I buy one of those attractive, strong, PINK Munchkin Fairy Dust shirts you buff specimens of masculinity are sporting?" To which our sad reply was, "You can't; we printed just enough for the booth workers. Sorry."

Full disclosure: this was not strictly true. We also sent one to John Kovalic.

We of Steve Jackson Games pride ourselves on needing no more than twenty or thirty bonks to the noggin before we figure out that people are serious about something. In this case, we tried to figure out a way to give our loyal fans the glorious pinkness they seemed to want. Ultimately, the solution was right under our noses, and we are pleased -- nay, tickled pink! -- to announce that the Munchkin Fairy Dust T-shirt is now available from our partners at Printfection. Make sure to print out the rule on the shirt page!

-- Andrew Hackard

(P.S. A reminder: I'll be attending RinCon this weekend, and I'm loaded up with Munchkin and Munchkin Quest promotional stuff. I've also got a prototype of Nanuk, as well as . . . well, that would be telling. If you're in Tucson, swing by the con, track me down, and say hi!)

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