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October 10, 2005: That's A Super Idea You've Got

. . . so why not share?

The next Munchkin release I work on will be the first supplement to Super Munchkin. No, we don't have a name yet. If nothing really, really dumb occurs to me, I might ask for suggestions. But just now, the name "Cheese Wiz" passed through my mind, so I'm thinking about super-foes . . .

Obviously, Cheese Wiz is a sorcerer whose powers involve cheese. Come to think of it, Pyramid published the Cheese College for GURPS . . . So we have a precedent here. How terrifying.

At any rate: I'm inviting suggestions for super-baddies. You can send 'em to me via the regular Munchkin card suggestion page. Note, though . . . what I am looking for here is the clever and original NAME that will inspire John Kovalic to heights of cartoon madness. You don't have to supply a game mechanic to go with your name. If you do that's fine . . . but if I see a name I like, I will invent something to go with it. It's what I do, after all . . .

And, as always, if your suggestion is used, you'll get your name in the credits and - provided you leave contact information - we'll send you a copy of the finished supplement.
-- Steve Jackson

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