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October 18, 2018: Wanted – Autoduel Source Code!

This is a long shot, but . . . does anyone out there still have a copy of the source code for the 1985 Autoduel game from Origin Systems?

The folks at Electronic Arts are so awesome that they have reverted rights to that game, but they had no copies of the source. We're hoping that perhaps somebody who coded for Origin Systems or EA still has that source stashed away somewhere. Long shot, but worth asking.

Failing that, this is a request for proposals for a project to decompile the code from existing disks. Is that even doable? Well, yes, everything is doable, but is it likely to be practical?

We'd really like to republish Autoduel in more or less its classic form, updated for modern systems. That does not require the source, but oh, it would be such a good start.

You can contact me by email, or comment via the forum link below.

-- Steve Jackson

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