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October 22, 2018: Winner Winner Munchkin Dinner!

Munchkin Winner CertificateWe're about to start shipping out the Munchkin Party Pack, but our support for your social life doesn't stop there. We've created a certificate for the winner of your event – whatever it is – that you can download, print, and fill in the appropriate blanks with the appropriate (or inappropriate) answers. You know it's official because both Spyke and Flower have signed it! Click on the picture to download the PDF, and click right here to download a preorder form that you can take to your game store to let them know to set a Party Pack aside for you.

Additionally, starting today, all Warehouse 23 orders will include a new Party Pack-themed promo, The Official Munchkin Bookmark of Birthday Bashing! If you can't kill monsters and stab your buddies on your birthday, what's the point of celebrating it? Getting older sucks – but getting Treasure and levels is awesome!

-- Andrew Hackard

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