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October 24, 2018: The Fantasy Trip Preorders Close Next Week

On November 1, we will close preorders for The Fantasy Trip. At the moment, we expect to announce the game for release to stores in April, at which point the game will be priced at the final MSRP and not the special Kickstarter pricing. Additionally, we have learned from recent experience to scale back our print numbers, which will leave us with fewer copies for sale in distribution than were ordered during the Kickstarter and BackerKit stages of the project.

We are tentatively planning a reprint of the game for late 2019, but we're also designating some of the components in the game as "first printing exclusive." Thanks to the support of Kickstarter backers and preorders, the Legacy Edition box is overloaded with some accessories that will not be included in a second printing of the game.

If you want to guarantee that you get the packed first printing, we recommend preordering today, before we lock down preorders and shift the project into distribution-release planning.

-- Phil Reed

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