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October 28, 2008: We Survived Essen!

As we write this, it's Monday morning in Germany. The SJ Games crew lived through Essen Spiel and got a night's sleep. Today we're going to look at some Roman ruins. There aren't very many good Roman ruins in Texas.

We had a great time. We appreciate the hospitality of the Pegasus team, led by Karsten Esser and Andy Finkernagel . . . to Birger Krämer, our chief "minder," for making sure we did actually survive through the show . . . and to the more-than-a-dozen MIBs, and nearly 80 Pegasus volunteers, who were doing constant demos. We saw a lot of very happy games of Munchkin Quest, which is good for building up the creative energy to come back and work on the next MQ supplement. We have some baaaaaaaaaaad ideas for you.

We have also agreed to publish a United States edition of a great new Pegasus release, called Die Sterne Stehen Richtig, or, in English, The Stars are Right. We played it at Essen and liked it. The designer is Klaus Westerhoff; it's illustrated by Goomi. At some point soon, we'll have more to say, including a speculative release date and some images of the pretty graphics.

-- Steve Jackson

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