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September 28, 2008: Out Of The Box Returns

As some of you know, Ken Hite (Suppressed Transmissions, GURPS Infinite Worlds) has a column called Out of the Box, in which he chronicles products and events that attract his attention from both the "games" and "industry" sides of the gaming industry. Magpie-like, the column was irregular but clever, and always a pleasure to read. It's been away for a while, but has recently returned, cradled in the offbeat arms of Indie Press Revolution.

For his second installment posted to his new host, Ken has focused his sizable vocabulary on Sean Punch's best-selling series, Dungeon Fantasy. His analysis is excellent, looking beyond the "mere" quality of the product to the market forces that allowed it to be written and published.

Good stuff, whether you're looking for industry analysis, product reviews, or just find Hite's literary tempo soothing.

-- Paul Chapman

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