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October 29, 2009: Everything Old Is Much More Legible Again

GURPS Greece cover

A recent dig through our vaults uncovered some previously lost files related to the original production archives for GURPS Greece and GURPS Wizards. Turns out someone had wedged the discs between some discarded copies of the 2179 Farmer's Almanac and the robot head of Jimmy Hoffa.We pulled them out, dusted them off, and worked a little PDF magic on them! Now those two books are no longer icky "scanned in" PDFs, but rather nice PDFs converted from the original files.

If you purchased those books a while back, you need only log into your account to download the new versions! (If you don't have an account, sorry, but you're outta luck.) If you haven't purchased either of these PDFs, then I can safely say that there has literally never been a better time to buy 'em.

-- Fox Barrett

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