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September 8, 2017: Progress On Ogre Miniatures Rulebook

Ogre Miniatures Set 1

I've finished a stint on the Ogre Miniatures second-edition rules, and tossed them Drew's way for his review. The main tasks for Second Edition were to incorporate the errata and additions accumulated from the first edition and the "version 1.1" PDF; we've also covered the new-unit material online. Of course, the new-unit material itself is being edited as it gets reviewed for this book. It's never over . . .

The big challenge remaining is photography. Not only do we have a new line of plastic miniatures to photograph, and not only do we have Ben Williams' magnificent paint jobs, but we also get to use 2017 photographic technology . . . a quarter of a century better than we had for the previous edition. So expect some nice images. We'll take our time and make them great.

When will it be out? Right now, we are shooting for Origins 2018, which is when we expect to be delivering the second set of plastic Ogre Minis (no, you didn't miss the Kickstarter - it hasn't happened yet). I'll be at Origins myself in order to play a lot of Ogre.

-- Steve Jackson

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