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September 19, 2010: Low-Tech Is Out Of Production

I'm perfectly aware I posted a Low-Tech status update just a week or two ago. (Ed: More like a month, now; we've had a lot of news lately!) But this book's a monster, and I'm extremely excited to see it getting close to its final form.

So, as the title suggests, the manuscript has left the production department. All the words have been put into the proper places, and all the art has been arranged attractively. Well, in theory . . . now comes the "proofing" stage, when trained eyes go over each and every page -- each and every line! -- making sure everything is, indeed, in its proper place. The proofer looks for kerning issues, orphans or widows, or other oddities we don't want to see (and I can't explain) in the final product.

After that, black magic happens and we'll get a file that's ready for the printer (and e23). There will be much rejoicing, and there are rumors of cake!

-- Paul Chapman

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