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September 28, 2010: Essen Spiel

Last year I was lucky enough to fly over to Essen, Germany, for Internationale Spieltage (commonly known as Essen Spiel or just "Essen"). It was amazing, exhausting, mind-blowing, and huge. And I discovered currywurst -- yum!

I'm returning again this year, with Jimmie, Randy, and Will in tow. Yes, I do need help covering the entire 44,000 square feet of exhibit hall . . . What? 44,000 square meters? No wonder my dogs were barking at the end of that trip!

But covering every inch (or centimeter) of the halls isn't the primary reason for taking the additional manpower. This year Steve Jackson Games will have an official presence in Hall 6, hanging out with our friends from Pegasus (our largest distributor and translator outside the US) and the MIBs from around the world. We'll be running demos of our games, including the few Pegasus hasn't translated!

If you're in Essen for Spiel'10, stop by Hall 6!

-- Paul Chapman

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