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September 23, 2010: Munchkin Zombies Is Shambling Along

Munchkin Zombies logo Ever since we announced the upcoming Munchkin Zombies core set our eyes have been focused on keeping the project moving forward. Steve and Andrew have cranked through multiple revisions of the game as our playtesters do their very best to break the game, while I've torn out enough hair and lost enough sleep that I'm starting to look like a zombie. Now that the basics are locked in place, and the work is down to tweaks rather than a complete redesign, we're watching as John Kovalic turns the groan-inducing jokes into hilarious art that kicks us so hard that we have no choice but to laugh. And in a change from our normal procedures (which involve a cage and chocolate), we've set John loose . . . and he's already started sharing sketches online.

-- Phil Reed

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