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September 17, 2010: Zombie Dice Contest Winners

We got HORDES of entries in the Zombie Name Contest on Twitter. (If you missed it, use the hashtag #zombiedice to see them all.) I had intended to pick five winners. There were way more than five great entries. I finally chose ten, plus three honorable mentions for a total of 13. I chose short punchy SILLY rhymes. There were some great entries that went over 14 characters, and some that rhymed visually but not out loud. I died a little, marked them out, and kept going.

I obsessed over whether to tell you the actual winning zombie names, or make you download the free Zombie Dice app for iPad when it comes out (plug, plug). But that would have been evil; not all of you even HAVE iPads, and other new versions are still a ways away. So, in the order they appeared on Twitter, our winners were:

  • @cashew Boney Tony (it will go in as "Bony")
  • @sproet Ghoulie Julie
  • @Jasonimusprime Toothy Ruthie
  • @Kacey3 Grave Dave
  • @allandaros Gorey Laurie (it will go in as "Gory")
  • @demeja Bloody Buddy
  • @cashew again Grody Brody
  • @AyreGuitar Ebola Lola
  • @AyreGuitar again Oozy Suzy
  • @cerebus19 Vile Lyle

And three honorable mentions for entries that didn't follow the rules but will get used anyway!

  • @KBelasco Rotting Robin, which I didn't get at the time, but fortunately . . .
  • @nwmotogeek sent us the same idea a little later, but left off the G, and that time I got it . . . so the name in the app will be "Rottin' Robin," and @nwmotogeek gets a prize too.
  • And finally @stevenmarsh who submitted Late Kate right AFTER the deadline. Hee!

Thanks to everyone who entered. If you are a winner, please send your full name and shipping address, along with your Twitter username so we can match things up, to elisabeth@sjgames.com. And, because a couple of you won twice and any of you might already have Zombie Dice and prefer an alternate prize: if you'd rather get two copies of Cthulhu Dice instead of one Zombie Dice, look at the colors and tell us what two you'd like.


-- Steve Jackson

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