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September 26, 2010: Save The POP!

Retailers! If you like the display cases (also known as Point Of Purchase -- aka POP -- displays) our Zombie Dice and Cthulhu Dice come in, you'll want to save as many of them as you can. On the second print runs of these two, we'll be shipping them in simple cases instead of the pretty boxes with fold-up headers.

These POPs are quite attractive, I think, and it's a shame we can't keep them in print. But the reasoning is pure economics: the fewer of an item we print, the more expensive it is. And we only print one POP for every eight copies of Zombie Dice, and only one for every twelve copies of Cthulhu Dice. We'd need to print a ton of dice games to get really good pricing on those colorful boxes.

Also, for a second print run, sales seem to be less "buy it by the POP" and more often "I'm down to my last 3, so I'll order 3 more." It's a shift in sales we've seen time and again, and it means those very pretty POPs are just discarded on warehouse floors.

So, for the moment, enjoy Alex's art on the huge headers!

(Did I say "second run" on our dice games? Well, I guess I did!)

-- Paul Chapman

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