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Digital Games and Game Aids

Follow the links to pages with detailed information about each game.

TFT Helper

for iOS and Android™
Download on the App Store Android app on Google Play

TFT Helper is an app for iOS and Android phones. It lets you create and modify a Fantasy Trip character, save a library of characters, and run a hero through a solo adventure . . . and gain experience points!

Best of all . . . it's free!

Ogre War Room

for iOS and Android™ devices
Available on the iPhone App StoreAndroid app on Google Play

This is a free helper app for Ogre. This is not a standalone game! You will need a copy of the Ogre board game (or Ogre Miniatures) to play a game.

Use the app to score a game for up to six players and any number of Ogres.

The app also includes PDF Record Sheets for both the Ogre board game and Ogre miniatures. You can print these directly from your phone!

Zombie Dice

for iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch®
Download on the App Store

Eat brains. Don't get shotgunned.

Based on the original Zombie Dice . . . but now the dice, and a zombie opponent, are in your iPhone!

You're a zombie, racing to be the first to eat 13 yummy human brains. But those humans fight back. Press your luck. Keep rolling, keep collecting brains . . . but if you get three shotguns, you're out!

Enjoy the zombie animations and sound effects (Braaaaaaaiiinnnns!). The zombie will talk to you after every roll, just like a human opponent . . . but remember, he wants you to LOSE!

If you like the game, you can upgrade for only 99 cents (the price is a no-brainer!) and get more zombie goodness!

Munchkin Level Counter

for the iPhone®, iPod touch®, and Android™ phones
Download on the App Store Android app on Google Play

Now all you smartphone-using munchkins can get an unfair, yet completely legal, advantage when you play Munchkin or Munchkin Quest!

The Level Counter keeps track of your level (duh). It also rolls a six-sided die (and doesn't cheat). But best of all . . . once per game, you get a Boon . . . an in-game advantage to help you kill the monsters, steal the treasure, and stab your buddy. There are almost 150 different Boons, all illustrated by John Kovalic. The higher your level when you ask for your Boon, the better it's likely to be. And when you reach the winning level, it plays a fanfare. Your friends will hate you . . .

Bonus features: counters for Chez Geek and SPANC (no Boons, though), and a very flexible interface for creating your own custom counters for other games.

And in version 1.1 we added a Kill-O-Meter screen, so you can keep track of combats too!

The Fnorder

for the iPhone® and iPod Touch®
Download on the App Store

Our first iPhone project. It's free! We created it for practice, for fun, and to further the plots of the Secret Masters. The Fnorder brings you messages from the Illuminati . . . encoded information and instructions for world conquest, for your eyes only. This is all for real! Honest!

Use it to boggle your friends . . . or ask it for help when you need to make a decision. Think of it as the I Ching for paranoids.

It also includes a variety of beautiful Illuminated wallpapers which you can use for your iPhone.

Munchkin Digital

for Windows and MacOS
Download on the Steam Store

Kill the monsters! Steal the treasure! Stab your buddy!

Dire Wolf Digital, in partnership with Steve Jackson Games, has brought the murderous mischief of the iconic tabletop card game Munchkin to digital devices!

Go down to the dungeon. Kick Down the Door. Kill everything you find. Backstab your friends. Steal the treasure and run.

Illuminati on Steam

for Windows and MacOS
Download on the Steam Store

Join the conspiracy of global domination and dark satire in this classic from Steve Jackson Games. As one of the Illuminati, you are driven by power, money, mayhem – and more. Grow stronger as you plot to destroy your rivals. How will you take over the world?

Ogre on Steam

for Windows and MacOS
Download on the Steam Store

Ogre is a turn-based strategy game of mechanized warfare, requiring tactical decision making and strategic thinking. It is the official video game adaptation of the legendary tabletop wargame from Steve Jackson Games, developed by the award-winning Auroch Digital.

Hovercraft, tanks, infantry, and giant cybernetic tanks called Ogres take part in a seemingly endless world war. You take command and vie for supremacy on the irradiated battlefields of The Last War.

UltraCorps UltraCorps was a classic game on Microsoft's Zone. It's now owned by Steve Jackson Games and is currently in free playtest.

UltraCorps is a turn-based massively multiplayer game of space exploration and combat. Starting with a single planet, you can expand your empire to dozens and even hundreds of worlds. But hundreds of other players are building their empires, too. The universe is so big that you'll never meet most of them except in the game forums . . . but you still compete against them for number of worlds conquered, total power of your fleets, and so on.

No time for a mega-game? You can play solo for practice, or create private games against 1 to 11 opponents.

See for more information.

Yes, we are working on more online game projects. No, we're not ready to say what they are . . . yet!

Over the years, we've created a variety of mini-games and code gadgets, either to support specific games or just for fun.

  • The Fnorder – Generate fnord messages, live from the Conspiracy.
  • Die Roller – Roll as many dice as you need, with as many sides per die as you want. We recommend 3d6.
  • SubGenius Ranter – Praise "Bob," and get your own rant!
  • Warehouse 23 Basement – Find out what's lurking in the basement beneath the secret facility. If you dare.

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