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April 2, 2020: Decks Of Destiny Available Now In PDF


Forge your own destiny in The Fantasy Trip with Decks of DestinyIt contains an assortment of TFT supplements and is available in PDF form now -- hundreds of pages of content to add to your campaign, all available digitally. Nothing can stop your adventure!

Decks of Destiny features multitudes of cards used in a variety of ways:

  • The Player's Pack is a quick way to start a campaign, offering multiple customizable wizard and fighter cards, as well as journals to record your information.
  • Rumors & Treasures contains more than 150 cards representing, you guessed it, rumors and treasures, perfect for a GM to customize the rewards their players will receive.
  • Adversaries turns up the heat with more baddies, from orc fighters to octopi, plus an assortment of other creatures.
  • For those budding mapmakers, Labyrinths provides 62 hex map tiles to help make a quick and effective maze for your campaign.

All this, plus extra cards, tiles, and even more content. There's no better tool than Decks of Destiny to help expand your campaign! You can even find some of the supplements individually, if you have a particular focus to your TFT interest. 

If you haven't yet played The Fantasy Trip, or want to learn more, download Melee (free!) on PDF today, and check it out for yourself. It's a quick introduction to the world of possibilities available to you in The Fantasy Trip

-- Hunter Shelburne

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