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April 10, 2020: FnordCon Happens Anyway . . . Online!

We'll hold FnordCon online on the weekend of April 17-19. Join us in Discord chat for the panels and "ask me anything" sessions that we couldn't do physically. Meet John Kovalic and the SJ Games staff. And play Deadly Doodles online!

There will be a pre-event, testing the system, this afternoon (Friday, April 10) from 4 to 7pm Central time. This will give you a chance to register, get used to the system if you're not already a Discord user, and hang out with other game fans.

Use this link to join us between 4 and 7 today: https://discord.gg/vZxaSkF

The link will work before 4, but there won't be a lot to see except the welcome page and the rules (which you should read).

The virtual FnordCon will be open to everyone, not just those who registered for the original event . . . so if distance or scheduling kept you away, come see us anyhow!

-- Steve Jackson

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