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April 4, 2020: Now On Warehouse 23: The Space Gamer Ogre Bundle


Beware: there are Ogre sightings in the archives! From 1980 through 1985, Steve Jackson Games published The Space Gamer, a general-purpose gaming magazine with features on roleplaying games, board and wargames, miniatures, game design, early computer games, and more. Ogre was a frequent topic. This collection – a subset of the popular Space Gamer Bundle – features 12 issues from that era (numbers 2833355259626364686971, and 74). Each issue contains at least one Ogre-related article . . . and two issues were Ogre-themed. Much of this material ultimately appeared in the pages of The Ogre Book or elsewhere, but now you can see where it all began . . . at a great price!

Grab the bundle today!

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