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April 3, 2021: Conjuring New Dragons and Skulls


We released the Dragon d6 Dice Set and Skull d6 Dice Set earlier this year, and both packs of six-sided dice have been strong sellers for us (through distribution and direct at Warehouse 23). These dice designs were first released (in a different color) as a part of the Dice Dragon Dice Bag that we shipped last year, but now we're hard at work creating the dice in completely new colors.

We've seen the production samples for the yellow dice (shown at right), while a run of black glitter versions is still at the factory and in the fine-tuning stage of the process.

When will these new yellow (and black!) dice land in our warehouse? The yellow designs are expected soon and we've got some ideas on when/where to release them. At the moment, we don't expect the black glitter dice to land at Warehouse 23 until later this summer. We'll share more info on both color variants just as soon as we've got everything locked and ready to go.

For now, you can find the stand-alone sets – and many more dice designs! – at your favorite local game store. If your local store doesn't have our dice on their shelves, please visit Warehouse 23 for a look at all of the currently-available designs.

-- Phil Reed

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