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April 17, 2021: New Staff Member: Peter von Kleinsmid

We don't often add to the editorial staff, but we just did. Hurray! More hands to create more games! Our new Fantasy Trip line editor is Peter von Kleinsmid.

Peter is a lifelong gamer and has been an obsessive fan of The Fantasy Trip and GURPS since they first came out. In 1990, he mailed Steve Jackson Games 117 technical GURPS rules questions, some of which still haven't been answered, but he promises that asking Steve rules questions is only part of why he wants to work for us. He's been an editor, a software developer since 1994, and has worked on several RPG products, computer games and mods, and wargames.

Playing and inventing games, running RPGs, and making RPG campaign worlds gave Peter interest in (and applications for many other subjects). He learned computer programming because computers can be used to run games in ways that are hard to do without one.

His other interests include real-world travel and exploration (i.e.,. wandering around on foot), literature and movies, myth, history, dreams, architecture, flora, fauna, ecology, psychology, geography, and good food.

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