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April 25, 2021: So Many Cats And Dogs!


If you're looking to confuse everyone at the table the next time you need to roll handfuls of six-sided dice at once, we have two large packs of dice that should do the trick.

  • Puppy d6 Litter Dice - This bag is loaded with 36 dice featuring puppies and bones, illustrated by Katie Cook. 
  • Kitten d6 Litter - If kitties are more your style, this set of 36 dice will work perfectly the next time your dice pool calls for over 30 different dice. Or for those days when you want to add a decorative jar of dice to your home.

Retailers, do you sell single dice and need more six-sided dice to stock your jar 'o dice at the counter? Please email retailers@sjgames.com and ask for information on a direct account. These two bags of dice are only available from Warehouse 23, but that doesn't mean you cannot order them at a retailer discount and stock your jar with puppies and kitties.

-- Phil Reed

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