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April 6, 2021: Steve Jackson's Undead Available Now


The Warehouse 23 team took time to open up several games and expansions from our 2019 Pocket Box Kickstarter campaign, including Steve's Undead boardgame/RPG hybrid. This is a near-exact replica of the Pocket Box edition of the game that was released in the early eighties and is a perfect addition to any collection of classic games. 

You're unfamiliar with Undead? We'll let this short description from David Dyche's review of the game (found in Space Gamer #45 from November 1981) set the stage: 

"If you like Dracula, you'll love this game. One player takes the role of Dracula, fresh off the boat, trying to get a fanghold in London by distributing as many of his coffins around as he can. The other player(s) take the role(s) of Professor van Helsing, Arthur Holmwood, and other vampire hunters, who search for coffins, investigate victims to see if they were really attacked by a vampire, keep deathwatches if they think they were, and defend themselves if attacked. Dracula can also shapechange into a bat, wolf, or mist."

You can find Undead and other classic games (Car Wars, Illuminati, Battlesuit, and more!) at Warehouse 23.

-- Phil Reed

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