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April 7, 2019: The Fantasy Trip Postcard Labyrinth Contest

As part of the Hexagram zine for The Fantasy Trip (preorders closing tomorrow), we created two different postcard micro-labyrinths that proved popular with supporters. As a part of the zine campaign, we have decided to open up a new postcard labyrinth contest! It closes on May 31, and we're looking forward to your submissions. There are prizes, of course, so check out the contest rules, create and submit your labyrinth design, and then sit back and wait for us to announce the results.

And while you wait, don't miss the release of The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition in stores later this month. The backer response to the game, as it has been arriving over the last few weeks, has been encouraging, and we're especially excited to see how the world reacts as the game reaches an even larger audience.

Click here for the postcard labyrinth contest rules.

-- Phil Reed

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