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April 13, 2019: Join The Fantasy Trip On Facebook

Now that The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition is in our warehouse and set to reach stores later this month, we're seeing an increased level of excitement for the return of this old-school roleplaying game. Everyone who has already received their Kickstarter rewards knows just how much we packed inside the box, and we're looking forward to your comments and pics when you get your copy of the game from your favorite local game store.

You say you backed the Kickstarter campaign last year and already have your copy of the game? Awesome! While you wait for the next release in the line, please join in the discussions in this TFT group on Facebook. There are several project backers already in the group, and more gamers are always welcome! We sometimes take part in the Facebook group discussions, so feel free to say 'Hi!' in the group and let us know all about your TFT sessions as well as what your dream is for new TFT expansions and accessories.

See you in the group!

-- Phil Reed

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