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April 23, 2019: Necromancer, Raid On Iran, One-Page Bulge, And More!


Our Pocket Box campaign on Kickstarter closed last month with almost 2,000 project backers and over $250,000 in support, leading to the production of over 30 classic Steve Jackson Games titles from the '80s. While games like Car Wars, Illuminati, and Ogre were certainly a part of the project, it is the long-forgotten classics – including Necromancer, Kung Fu 2100, Raid on Iran, Awful Green Things, Undead, and One-Page Bulge – that we want to direct your attention to today.

First published in the early and mid-eighties, these games (other the Awful Green Things, of course) have been difficult to find . . . especially in factory-fresh condition! Thanks to the success of the Kickstarter campaign, we're bringing these back as near-exact replicas of the originals and in limited numbers. You can find all of these and more for preorder today on BackerKit, with the best deal being a $100 package that includes the six games and three pocket folders; that's a savings of $29! 

Preorder these and other classics today. Preorders will remain open until late May at the very least (longer if we can manage it). And for instant notification when we launch a new Kickstarter campaign in the future, please follow both the Steve Jackson Games and Warehouse 23 Kickstarter accounts. We've got some fun ideas in the works and we don't want you to miss out!

-- Phil Reed

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