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April 8, 2003: For Great Justice

All Your Iraq Are Belong To U.S. . . . The original "All Your Base" soundtrack (which, for trivia fans, is actually named "Invasion of the Gabber Robots," and was done by the Laziest Men on Mars) . . . with a new video track.

It starts off funny, but the overall mood is nothing like the original. Lots of excellent photos. It's interesting how a change in context has turned a dance mix into a high-tech battle anthem! This is something that the troops themselves will enjoy -- let's hope there are enough wide Internet pipes to the Middle East that it gets there soon.

On the other hand, if your reaction to the war has been to go lie down in a street somewhere, this will just make you grumpier. I predict it will not make the top 40 in Paris and Moscow, but it got a grin out of me . . .
-- Steve Jackson

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