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April 13, 2003: Now Shipping!

As the warming breezes of spring merrily tickle the bluebonnets here in the paradise that is Central Texas, the following fine products are on their way to distributors everywhere and should be on your local game store shelves in the very near future:

GURPS Reign of Steel (Reprint)
It is 2046 A.D. The robot revolt is over, and the machines have won.

Ruthless Artificial Intelligences have exterminated most of humanity, while the survivors are hunted like animals, or face slow death in the robots' brutal labor camps. But a lucky few have escaped death or enslavement. While most of mankind has succumbed to despair, some refuse to give up hope. Around the world small groups of dedicated survivors are forming, preparing to oppose the robot overlords and fight to free mankind.

A worldbook for GURPS, Reign of Steel details mankind's struggle against his metal masters in a dark future. GURPS Reign of Steel utilizes the sleek rules from GURPS Robots, although you do not need Robots to play. Take on the role of the oppressed masses, and teach the robot overlords that technology can be made obsolete.

128 pages. Stock #6079, ISBN 1-55634-330-2. $22.95.

Transhuman Space: Deep Beyond
The Deep Beyond is the solar system's final frontier. A vast zone stretching from the asteroid belt to the edge of interstellar space, its siren call has drawn researchers, pioneers, visionaries -- and outlaws. Transhuman Space: Deep Beyond includes:

  • Expanded descriptions of the outer system's worlds and asteroids.
  • What it's like to grow up in the Deep Beyond . . . as a Duncanite parahuman, a sapient AI, or even an enslaved bioroid.
  • Organizations, from the rebel ghosts of Axon to the cyber-soldiers of the 82nd Spaceborne.
  • New character types, vehicles and technologies.

160 pages. Stock #6703, ISBN 1-55634-586-0. $26.95.

GURPS WWII: Dogfaces
They were the Greatest Generation. When the world itself was in danger, they manned the front lines, drove the tanks, landed on the beachheads . . .

They were the dogfaces.

GURPS WWII: Dogfaces is the definitive roleplaying sourcebook for U.S. ground forces in World War II. Storming the beaches of Normandy, outdueling German tanks in the Ardennes, or retaking the Pacific island by island . . . the infantry, armor, and artillerymen of the U.S. Army and Marines were the backbone of the Allied war effort. With the attention to detail and historical accuracy that GURPS is known for, GURPS WWII: Dogfaces gives you everything you need to save the world from the Axis.

128 pages. Stock #8005, ISBN 1-55634-636-0. $22.95.

Pokéthulhu Miniatures
Hellishly cute eldritch horrors . . . eating human souls and strawberry ice cream with equal glee . . . Pikathulhu and his friends! Based on the John Kovalic cartoons from Dork Storm Press' Pokéthulhu RPG, sculpted by Richard Kerr, this parody set is . . . insanely funny. You get a giant Pikathulhu, a small Pikathulhu, four additional small thulhus, and their trainer!

Boxed set. Stock #14-0101, ISBN 1-55634-526-7. $24.95.

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