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April 1, 2003: GURPS Fourth Edition Announced!

Steve Jackson Games Incorporated is pleased to announce that development of a fourth edition of their popular GURPS game is well under way. The redesign has been spearheaded by long-time GURPS Line Editor Sean "Dr. Kromm" Punch, and by Transhuman Space Line Editor and über-popular GURPS author David Pulver.

"I have no fear about the direction Sean and David have taken the game," said GURPS creator and SJ Games President Steve Jackson. "They have really breathed new life into what was an increasingly creaky game, and I think this edition will revolutionize roleplaying for the next decade or more."

Punch adds, "Our mission statement is that there are no 'sacred cows' in GURPS. We re-examined everything about the game, and while we know that our new direction will be a shock to some fans, we think that once they give it a try, they'll be won over."

"We aren't ready to release full details of the new system yet," Jackson continues, "but I think we can safely let a few tidbits out of the bag. GURPS 4 will feature our new 'clicky-base' character design system, replacing the old point-buy-and-roll-3d6 system that has been holding GURPS back for so long. (Of course, those old rules will still be available as an option if you really want them!) Our miniatures department has been working overtime to produce these figures, and we think we've done it in a way that marries the long-term appeal of GURPS with the current hot miniatures combat system. Future GURPS 4 boosters will include GURPS Supers, Transhuman Stars, GURPS Survivor (by special arrangement with CBS), and of course GURPS Hot Lead. We expect booster sets to start appearing about three months after the core GURPS 4 game hits the market."

Watch this site for more information about the newest version of GURPS!

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