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April 15, 2003: From Ad Astra Games

A note from Ken Burnside at Ad Astra Games:

While clearing through the back inventory of Sierra Madre Games for their merger with Ad Astra Games, we stumbled across a small inventory of Rocket Flight, no more than 50 copies. We've already contacted the dozen or so people who missed out on the last Daily Illuminator mention of this...

As before, for every copy we sell, while we have them in inventory, we'll donate $2 to the Space Access Society as part of the Columbia Memorial fund.

As I said in the original message, I can think of no better testament to the will of those who dare to get us, the collective "us" of humanity, a step further up and out, than to teach the children who follow in their footsteps that the futures we paint with our games are things that we can achieve, if we're willing to go there.

Rocket Flight is still the single best modeling tool for realistic spaceship movement in the solar system. Fans of Transhuman Space in need of a planetary trip calculator are strongly urged to check it out, as is anyone who wants to see how elegant orbital mechanics can be when presented in terms a 10-year-old can understand. Ad Astra Games http://www.adastragames.com/orders.html

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