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April 17, 2003: Thanks, Pen & Paper!

The RPG website Pen & Paper put on their own awards this year, and the results are in.

Unlike other awards where voters pick from a list of nominees, the Pen & Paper awards were entirely open-ended -- voters wrote in their own favorites in a number of categories. So while winning is nice, getting a runner-up mention is still quite an honor. And a number of Steve Jackson Games products (and people!) were so honored:

  • GURPS Cliffhangers, Runner-Up, Best Supplement
  • Hellboy RPG, Runner-Up, Best Licensed Product
  • Andrew Hackard, Runner-Up, Fan Favorite Editor
  • Pyramid, Runner-Up, Fan Favorite Magazine/Webzine
  • GURPS, Runner-Up, RPG Hall of Fame
  • Steve Jackson, Runner-Up, Creators Hall of Fame
You can check out the complete list at the Pen & Paper website.

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