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April 8, 2017: The Car Wars 2017 Granite State Challenge!

Veteran autoduellists may remember our feature on the Granite State Challenge, a yearly gathering of friends who have been playing Car Wars for years in a brutal, and elaborate, death match! 

Granite State Challenge Granite State Challenge

Well, they've done it again! Snow and various emergencies impeded some drivers, but there were still 10 competitors ready to mash metal! As always, the group has shared an extensive photo library chronicling the carnage, including driver biographies (with nicknames like "The Shredder"), detailed cars (look at those paint jobs!), and of course, the epic custom arena. Most important, it looks like a ton of fun was had, a new champ was crowned, and Car Wars-themed trophies and prizes were handed out. Also brunch was served, because you can't drive on an empty stomach. 

Check out their event highlights, and congratulations to Jeff "The Assassin" Armstrong on his win! We can't wait to see what's in store for next year's Granite State Challenge!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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