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April 9, 2021: FnordCon 3 Sale On Warehouse 23!

With the opening of this weekend's FnordCon 3 Virtual festivities (come join us on Discord!), we're celebrating on Warehouse 23 with a blowout sale! Tons of free swag, discounts, and bundles are available today through Monday, April 12. Check out these awesome deals, while supplies last: 


BONUS SWAG - Spend $150 to get ALL THE SWAG! (Physical orders only.)
  • Every Dice Bag ordered comes with a random die (from our huge warehouse selection).
  • All orders of $25 or more get one Army Man or Kitten d6 die, plus another random die from our warehouse for each additional $25 spent.
  • All orders of $50 or more get one random pack of six Pyramid Dice.
  • All orders of $75 or more get a random plastic MK III or MKV Ogre mini sprue. 
  • All orders of $100 or more receive one Deadly Doodles Rainbow d6 Dice Set.
  • All orders of $150 or more receive one single random plastic Pocket Box title.

Plus, of course, our usual Munchkin cards and bookmarks. Maybe even some ribbons!

Includes ALL of the following:
Includes ALL of the following:
13% Off
23% Off
50% Off

Whew, that's a load of deals! But you only have a few days to take advantage of them all, so don't miss your chance! And make sure to join us at the FnordCon virtual convention. We'll be playing games, hosting panels, and just hanging out with fellow SJ Games fans in our Discord all weekend!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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