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April 10, 2019: FnordCon Ruled!

FnordCon Game Demos Sign

This past weekend was FnordCon, and we could not be happier. We sold out . . . we capped at 150 tickets due to parking limitations at the site. If we do this again – and we KNOW that we want to, it's just a matter of logistics – we have to get more parking or a bigger place, because in all other ways we could have handled a bigger party.

Highlights of the event included:

• The first public look at the newest version of the Car Wars rules. That will now definitely be a 2019 Kickstarter and 2020 release. Play went quickly, the 3-D car models won praise, and everyone had a great time. Big props to Jimmie Bragdon and Randy Scheunemann for teaching the rules to six tables at once and keeping it moving smoothly.

• The new 3-D Fantasy Trip table, created by Phil Reed and Gina Fischer, drew oohs and aahs with its lighted objectives. Ben Williams was running events on it almost the whole weekend - when he wasn't running TFT on a Dyson Logos playmat.

• Keith Carter's giant-sized Ogre - which he left with us, so it will be back next year for more photos.

• New reveals: the Hexagram and Ogrezine Mark II promo copies, the TFT Legacy character creation app, and Ogre playmats M6 and M7.

Deadly Doodles, an August release, was played and re-played and thoroughly enjoyed. Collect loot, weapons, and laughs!

• Andrew Hackard, our Munchkin Line Editor, was on hand to run several sessions of the prototype of Munchkin Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Over a dozen happy gamers fought the forces of Chaos to ensure the future of the Eight Realms. Much glory and merriment were had!

Thanks to everyone who came – and enormous thanks to all the staff and MIBs who made it happen. 

(Photos by Glory Houndd, who also did some live streaming from the event. Check out our YouTube channel!

-- Steve Jackson

Steve and The Fantasy Trip Munchkin Age of Sigmar The Fantasy Trip setupGiant Red Ogre

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