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April 13, 2020: Halloween Dice Gets A Spooky New Game!

It's Halloween in . . . April? Why not? At this point, I have lost track of what day it is, so it might as well be October!

During the distancing, we have released quite a few PDFs, from RPG material to other solo dice games, like Gelatinous and Army Men Dice War. Halloween Dice is a different scenario, where a long-lost game is finally released to the public. Halloween Dice were shipped as their own d6 dice set, but they originally had rules, too. Somewhere in the process, we decided to hold off on releasing the rules. But this situation has created a time where another light, fun dice game might be a welcome change of pace. You can download the full rules for free on our site.

Halloween Dice

You can play with any dice, but remember, once the quarantine ends, we'll be reopening Warehouse 23 for physical orders. Please keep us and your local game stores in mind when you eventually pick up the awesomely spooky dice to go with the game. And keep an eye out for even more games you can play at home during this period of isolation! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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