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April 14, 2020: Play Deadly Doodles With Us, From Your Own Home!

Deadly Doodles

Doodle around in the dungeons with #SJGamesLive! We've been using our time in quarantine to play Deadly Doodles with the community via Facebook Live, and we're going to keep hosting streams for the coming weeks. Playing along is simple . . . you just need to:

  • Download a PDF map and print it out (We have three online at the moment, and we will tell you in the event listing which one we're using).
  • Find a writing instrument.
  • Tune in when we share our stream times (follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get those updates).

If you haven't seen the existing streams, you can actually play along with the recordings as well! We've had a number of them already (like this one, or this, or maybe this). Just tune in from the beginning, use the map we're using, and you can compare your score to everyone else. Can you beat the stream? Find out!

And make sure to check out our digital FnordCon this weekend! We'll be hosting a few games live throughout the weekend. The schedule is right here, and we'll publish the invite link Friday here in the Illuminator. See you at the (online) show!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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