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April 16, 2023: One Roll Quest Gets A Second Edition

One Roll Quest

One Roll Quest was a surprising hit in a tiny box, so much so that it is returning in a slightly larger box for a second edition! The revised One Roll Quest still comes with the quirky all-in-one die featuring multiple mini-dice inside (one for each party member!). The base game is simple – roll the die and reference the chart to see how your party fared! Did the wizard get a bunch of gold? Or maybe he bit the dust. One Roll Quest tells you in seconds – and lets you make a fun little story to go with it. This is a definitive little opener for game nights while you wait for everyone to arrive, or between turns in a round of an RPG like GURPS

The new edition adds the successfully Kickstarted One Roll Chronicles. This booklet adds storytelling prompts to One Roll Quest to send your adventurers on longer journeys with a bit more meat to them. While it adds a bit more to the game, it doesn't make it too long, and still makes this a great light game for any party or game night. Pre-orders are currently open on Warehouse 23, and you can pre-order with your local game store as well. The new edition of One Roll Quest hits game shelves this week! 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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