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April 19, 2003: More Award Fun, This Time In French

Once again, the Grog d'Or will be awarded to the best roleplaying game, game line or RPG setting of 2002. SJ Games' Transhuman Space has been nominated for the Grog d'Or 2003.

The prize is awarded by the crew of the GROG : Guide du Roliste Galactique (Roleplayer's Guide to the Galaxy, http://www.roliste.com), a French web site providing information about roleplaying games from all over the world, including digests, reviews, news, calendars, and more. The GROG is a non-profit organization. If you want to know more about it, see http://www.roliste.com/mission_us.jsp.

The nominees are:

  • All Flesh Must Be Eaten -- Eden Studio
  • Cendres -- Pandora
  • Chroniques d'Erdor (Les) -- BAP
  • COPS -- Asmodee
  • Dying Earth -- Pelgrane Press
  • Fvlminata -- Thyrsus
  • Godlike -- eOs Press
  • Mechanical Dream -- SteamLogic
  • RAS -- Julien Nicolas & Baudoin Thomas
  • Spycraft -- Alderac Entertainment Games
  • Transhuman Space -- Steve Jackson Games
  • Warhammer -- Hogshead Publishing / Descartes
The winner for last year's Grog d'Or was Nobilis (Hogshead / 2 Des Sans Faces). If you want to know more about the Grog d'Or award, see http://www.roliste.com/grogdor_us.jsp.

The suspense will come to an end on the 8th of May, when the prize will be awarded.

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