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April 19, 2021: Last Day To Back Hexagram #7 On Kickstarter

Our zine for The Fantasy Trip has successfully launched its next issue with the funding of Hexagram 7 on Kickstarter! These projects have been amazingly well-received, and we have TFT fans to thank for that. If you haven't taken the dive into Hexagram, you're missing out on a compendium of content to add to your game, from new weapon and monster profiles to alternate rules for particular scenarios, new adventures, and more. Hexagram 7 even includes an integration for our recently released Zodiac Die! With 13 articles covering a variety of topics, there's something in this issue for everyone. And one of the bonus items you can get is our first Quick Quest.

You still have time to back – the project ends today – and it features a number of great add-ons and unlocked freebies for many of the backer tiers. If you just want a book, that's awesome, and if you want some additional SJ Games goodies, we've got you covered. But hurry, it closes later today!

-- Hunter Shelburne

Hexagram 7

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