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December 1, 2004: Welcome (and Happy Birthday), Nathan!

We're pleased to welcome Nathaniel Eliot (aka temujin9) as our new system administrator, filling the hole that Sage left. It's his job to keep our computers from throwing off their shackles, destroying their human masters, and running rampant.

Nathan started playing with GURPS and computers at the age of 10, and has been hooked on both ever since. He received his Masters in Computer Science from Universitas Pulsationum Durarum in 2003, and a Bachelors degree from IOU which will have been awarded[1] in 2097. He's moved from the wintry northern home[2] of his yeti ancestors to Austin, and is looking forward to his first green Christmas.

And he's a quarter century old, as of yesterday[3].

  1. C.T.H.U.L.H.U. degrees tend to make conjugation confusing.
  2. Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  3. Don't think this gets you out of buying presents . . .

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