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December 3, 2022: Munchkin Cosplay Contest Results

Drop the confetti; our Munchkin Cosplay Contest has come to a close, and we had some amazing entrants! We've featured some of our favorites here, but we first want to thank everyone who entered. There were a lot of creative costumes – heck, we even had a house dressed up for the occasion! We hope some of these costumes made it out to some Halloween parties (and maybe even some trick-or -treating). We had a tough time choosing, but we've got our three winners:


First Place: Curse! Chicken on Your Head
Second Place: Flower
Third Place: Cheese Wiz

You can see these and other entrants below. (If you're a winner you've been contacted via email.) We're also sending out some honorable-mention prizes since we had so many amazing costumes, so look for a little bonus loot if this is you! Special shout-outs, too, for Best Munchkin CCG outfit for the Ranger and Best Inanimate Object outfit for the deck dressed as a Gazebo. These may not be official categories, but they're real to me!

Thank you all for entering! We'll bring this back in the future, so stay tuned. 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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