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December 29, 2022: The Fantasy Trip Bundle Of Holding

The Fantasy Trip is featured in a new Bundle of Holding, available now until January 9! We've partnered with Bundle of Holding to support the Diana Jones Emerging Designer Program, helping up-and-coming designers on their journey in the gaming industry. This PDF bundle features Legacy Edition, which by itself has a ton of content, along with Red Crypt, Labyrinth Planner, and the Deluxe Character Journal. That's already a great deal, but if you beat the threshold price listed, you get even more goodies. Four supplements, to be exact: 

It's a lot of content for a low price, and it benefits a good cause. It's a win-win! Plus it's a great way to get a new player into the game –  why not add a friend to your campaign? Make sure to check out the Bundle of Holding soon. This deal ends January 9!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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