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December 26, 2022: Supporting Eric Dow


Eric has been with Steve Jackson Games for more than 10 years, wearing so many hats we don't know how he balances them all! He's currently our Events Coordinator as well as our Building and Safety Manager. He lovingly (?) moves bee colonies from under the containers. He can run a 3D printer and the laser cutter. He knows which key goes to which door, how the magical solar panels work, and how long it takes to get a pallet to Indianapolis. Along with his wife, Denise, Eric used to own Wonko's Toys and Games in North Austin – and is up for a game or a playtest any time he's asked! He also, in his spare time, drove the Pan-American Highway from Alaska to Argentina in a Volkswagen Touareg. (Well, not by himself.) He's a man of many talents . . .
If you follow any of our SJ Games Facebook groups, you have probably seen Eric's GoFundMe. In November, Eric was diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia). He's been in the hospital for almost a month now – on Christmas Day and probably for New Year's. He's handled it in typical Eric style – he's kept an incredibly positive outlook, posting smiling pics from the hospital while urging folks to donate blood.
Eric has been a passionate blood donor since he was 19 years old. So he's also using his diagnosis as a platform to encourage people to donate blood. There's a current blood shortage, as there almost always is, and it's these donations that keep cancer patients, among so many others, going.
If you'd like to donate to Eric's GoFundMe, we think that would be great. Share it with your friends, if you would. If you can spare a pint or two of blood, please do so.
And hold your people close this holiday season – and always.

-- Susan Bueno

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