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December 31, 2022: Munchkin Digital Update

The fine folks at Dire Wolf have released their most recent Munchkin Digital patch notes, and they've made a few improvements that players have requested as well as some bug fixes. Some of the major changes and additions: 

  • You can now disable the timer. But don't log off; there's still some timing mechanism to avoid idle players. 
  • Leaderboards now display info on how points are scored.
  • French and Spanish are now supported.
  • Helper is now removed when Gazebo enters combat via Wandering Monster.
  • Truly Obnoxious Curse can now discard Items that provide no strength if a player has no higher-strength Items available.
  • Flight Spell no longer allows player to discard more than three cards for its effect.
  • Monsters removed by Illusion now have negative effects removed (such as -4 strength to Elves).

You can find full patch notes from this update as well as the previous update over on Steam. Please keep playing and providing feedback; it helps Dire Wolf make the game better. Plus, it means we get even more players to join us in Kicking Down the Door!

-- Hunter Shelburne

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