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December 7, 2004: GURPS Bestiary Playtesters Needed!

GURPS Bestiary for the Fourth Edition is a book of creatures drawn from reality, from the imagination of ancient writers, from previous GURPS books . . . and from the minds of the authors. It has wolves and snakes, porcupines and badgers, and of course lions, tigers, and bears. It has monsters of horror: demons summoned from the darkest pits of Hell, undead raised by necromancy or sheer will, and more. It also features true races, from the kings of the animals to shape-changing xenomorphs to dragons.

Bestiary contains stats and descriptions, of course. It also discusses creating animals as characters. Most of all, it is a tool kit. The GM can use it as inspiration for his own creatures, as a box of ready-made friends and foes for his PCs to encounter, or as a sourcebook for populating a new world.

We will conduct the Bestiary playtest on a closed mailing list. Only Pyramid subscribers are eligible to participate, and list membership is limited. Information on how to join the playtest is posted on the playtest message board, accessible only to Pyramid subscribers. We will be accepting applications from playtesters until December 8, 2004.

Interested but not a Pyramid subscriber? Subscribe today!
-- Sean Punch

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