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December 10, 2022: Stock Up On Stocking Stuffers!

As the holidays approach, many of us are seeking those perfect gifts for our friends and family. As you track down the best present imaginable, please don't forget that you'll also want an assortment of stocking stuffers to serve as an appetizer before the main course. Fortunately, we have several different goodies that make spectacular stocking stuffers for the gamers in your life. Like what? Here are a handful of ideas to get you started:

  • Dice. Compact and always welcome, we've yet to encounter a gamer who doesn't want more dice. Fortunately, we offer several dice in a wide range of price points. Check out our dice selection here!
  • Munchkin Mini-Expansions. This series of inexpensive, compact Munchkin expansions continues to be popular. Not every idea we have justifies a large pack of cards, so these mini-expansions are perfect when we want to tackle something like clowns, kittens, or unicorns.
  • Buttons. Do your friends decorate their jackets and backpacks with buttons? We've got buttons!
  • Complete Games. One Roll Quest. Texas Roll 'Em. Cthulhu Dice. Complete games, each for under $10!
  • Brand-New Christmas Games. Bad Christmas and The 12 Dice of Christmas, both great family games for the holiday!

These are only a few of the possible stocking stuffers in our catalog. For a closer look, please visit our online store, Warehouse 23, to explore all of the options.

-- Phil Reed

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