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December 1, 2015:
Do you like games? Do you like swag? . . . read article

December 2, 2015:
It's always wonderful to learn that a new game is selling well – it means we're doing something right! Apparently, we're doing something very right with Munchkin Christmas Lite, because our distributors are saying lots of copies are heading out to stores . . . read article

December 3, 2015:
When I was tasked with writing Munchkin Kittens, I knew I'd need to become an expert on felines in order to deliver the very best quality Munchkin jokes. I headed out into the savannah to truly become one with the cats there.  This was a terrible mistake . . . read article

December 4, 2015:
We've posted the rulebook for Car Wars Classic, in handy PDF format. Get your free copy right here! -- Scott Haring While you're grabbing your free rules, don't miss these other great Car Wars supplements that work perfectly with the classic edition: Car Wars Classic Counter Set -- A fantastic companion to the classic rules . . . read article

December 5, 2015:
If you've never read the Super7 toy magazine, then you've been missing out. For 15 issues, Super7 brought us news on designer and Japanese vinyl toys, features covering classic toylines of the seventies and eighties, and so many fantastic photos and layouts that I think some of my issues have fallen apart because I read them too many times . . . read article

December 6, 2015:
Many of you who are familiar with my work already know that I enjoy studying the history of the toy industry. For over seven years now I've written about toys at my site, BattleGrip, and I've also written and published a handful of books about various toylines and marketing within the toy industry . . . read article

December 7, 2015:
Coming in September 2016: Munchkin Zombies Guest Artist Edition by Greg Hyland! See all the creepy-crawly, foot-dragging, brain munching action of Munchkin Zombies through a new muck-covered lens! . . . read article

December 8, 2015:
We've posted a backers-only update on the Kickstarter page, because once again it's surrrvey time! The questions have to do with the promised supplement for the Ogre box - not that that box really NEEDS a supplement, but we promised, and it'll be thoroughly spiffy . . . read article

December 9, 2015:
When we're talking to our Munchkin fans, one of the questions we hear fairly often is, "Why can't I order specific promo cards and bookmarks to complete my collection?" Why, indeed, loyal fans. It only took us mumblety years of having the idea beaten against our skulls, but we've finally made it possible to do exactly that, thanks to the talented team at Warehouse 23 . . . read article

December 10, 2015:
Steve Jackson Games offices will be closed from December 17 through January 3 so that our staff may rest and relax and enjoy their families. You may order through Warehouse 23 up until 11:59PM on Friday December 18th; our normal hours will resume on Monday, January 4th . . . read article

December 11, 2015:
We have just started shipping our amazing, shiny Munchkin Steampunk SCIENCE! Dice to game distributors. Add these to your Munchkin Steampunk Deluxe set to take your game to the next level of AWESOME . . . read article

December 12, 2015:
Tomorrow advances continually toward us, and with it comes the progress and promise of technological advancement. In this month's Pyramid, we look at what might be available for GURPS games set in the not-too-distant future, with Pyramid #3/85: Cutting Edge . . . read article

December 13, 2015:
Christmas is just a few weeks away, and over at Warehouse 23, our online store, we're celebrating the holidays with two Grab Boxes of surprise loot. This is an idea that has been tossed back and forth in the office for a few years now -- Alex Kosarek, our webmaster, has probably mentioned this to me a dozen times over the years -- and we thought it might be something many of you would enjoy . . . read article

December 14, 2015:
We promised more Munchkin Guest Artist stuff and we are delivering on that promise right now. Check out these sweet new additions: 1) The Munchkin Fu Guest Artist T-Shirt, with art by John Kovalic: Are you able to deal out Samurai-twitching pun-ishment? . . . read article

December 15, 2015:
If you saw our Twitter feed yesterday, you may notice the #MunchkinGiving hashtag. We are running Munchkin Giving contests until we leave this Friday! . . . read article

December 16, 2015:
Our marketing department has immediate openings for a copywriter and a designer. If you think you're the perfect candidate for one of these positions, read the job descriptions and follow the instructions there . . . read article

December 17, 2015:
Only a few days left to get on board! Last year's JoCo Cruise was an amazing experience. It was my first cruise ever; I met a lot of gamers; I heard a lot of music . . . read article

December 18, 2015:
One of the most-popular supplements for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy has been GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 8: Treasure Tables . . . and for good reason! Folks love conjuring their own loot out of nothingness, with little else but the roll of some dice . . . read article

December 19, 2015:
Forget fruitcakes or dog sweaters; here's a catalog that'll really get your motor running. The beloved Uncle Albert's Catalog from Hell -- for Car Wars Classic -- is available to download -- over 200 pages with all the goodies from the Car Wars Compendium, Boat Wars, Aeroduel, and much more . . . read article

December 20, 2015:
Guess who's back? It's sparrials -- those furry aliens who excel at taking that which doesn't belong to them! GURPS Aliens: Sparrials is the first GURPS Fourth Edition guide to an entire alien race . . . read article

December 21, 2015:
Watching the varied, talented, terrific creators complete their Munchkin Guest Artist stints in anticipation for 2016's 15th anniversary of Munchkin has been, well, humbling, to say the least . . . by which I mean, "DANG, why can't I draws that gud?" COMPLAIIIIIIIN! I'm keeping my eye on my pal Greg Hyland in particular. Twelve or so years ago, when Munchkin Fu was first being discussed, I was far too busy to work on it (there was at least one other major Munchkin deadline looming, and -- I believe -- a Chez Geek one, as well) . . . read article

December 22, 2015:
Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet? Do you have Munchkin fans on your list? . . . read article

December 23, 2015:
I had an amazing time this year on Friday the 13th as USAopoly and Steve Jackson Games released Munchkin: The Nightmare Before Christmas! Many stores around the United States celebrated the event by hosting a game night to teach players how to play the newest edition to the Munchkin family . . . read article

December 24, 2015:
The holiday issue of the Munchkin comic by Boom! Studios, has folks saying . . . . . read article

December 25, 2015:
Have you played Munchkin Christmas Lite yet? As a relative newcomer to Munchkin, I'm enjoying the simplicity and speed of play with this small version of the classic game . . . read article

December 26, 2015:
Our friends at Pegasus Spiele, publisher of the German version of Munchkin, run an annual series of tournaments called the Munchkin Crusade. After approximately 40 events held at stores and other venues across the country, their National Championship concluded on November 14th in Essen, Germany, the same city that hosts the Internationale Spieltage (SPIEL) convention every year . . . read article

December 27, 2015:
I'd call 2015 a productive year for GURPS. After two decades as GURPS Line Editor, I was given approval over new PDF projects and their art . . . read article

December 28, 2015:
So we're doing a second Munchkin Guest Artist Edition later in 2016, with art by Edwin Huang! Having already worked with Edwin (illustrator of UDON Entertainment's Super Street Fighter and Archie Comics' Mega Man) on Munchkin Skullkickers, we knew whatever he did would look fantastic . . . read article

December 29, 2015:
I was terribly late with the 2014 stakeholders report. That's an embarrassing and painful fact I'll never live down . . . read article

December 30, 2015:
If Deck the Dungeons #1 merely whetted your appetite for Munchkin comics this December, go check out issue #12, on sale now. In the first adventure, The Endless Shaft (TM), Spyke and Flower find themselves free-falling into deep, deep, deep trouble . . . read article

December 31, 2015:
Last year's LibertyCon was so good (and that's not even counting the train ride) that I'll be back. Even by the high standards of Southern conventions, the con committee is fun and friendly, the fans are fun and friendly, the guests are excellently wide-ranging and friendly, and the local MIBs are numerous, enthusiastic, fun, and fiendish . . . read article

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